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Move loads easily and safely with a powered stairclimber - Stairwalker products and training for up to 330kg

Anatomy of a stairclimber

powered stairclimber diagram

The anatomy of a stairclimber

On the ground it is a normal sack truck or trolly, when at a flight of stairs the lifting mechanism is operated through a single button control and powered with a 24V removable battery that can be easily charged via an electric outlet.

The load and the stair climber are lifted up on to the step and process repeated.

The equipment is lightweight but able to move load heavy loads with ease. As long as you can balance the load on the flat you should be able to use the equipment on the stairs.

  • Battery operated
  • Powerful lifting motor
  • Easy strap fixing points
  • Multiple toeplate options
  • Multiple handle types
  • Puncture proof tyres option
  • Folding toeplate (SAL, HD)
  • Easy storage
  • Single button operation 
  • Demo available

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Sales & Training of powered stair climber sack trucks and Health & Safety solutions for you and your business.
All our stair walker trucks are battery powered and can be operated by one person.

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