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frequently asked questions for our Powered Stairclimbers

We get asked a lot of questions about our powered stairclimber range, below are some of the most common ones. If you have any further questions please contact us on the number or email address above and we would be happy to help. 

Q.     Do the stair climbers go down stairs as well?
A.     Yes, although called stair climbers all our units are designed to work going up and down the stairs.

Q.     What is the delivery time from order?
A.     The delivery time is approximately 3-5 working days from the time of order and payment coming through, depending on the specification you require, some are ready built in stock.

Q.    What can I expect from a demo of a stairclimber and what do they cost?
A.    We aim to bring a stairclimber or stairclimbers to match your requirements, the representitive will guide you through the features and benefits of owning a powered stairclimbers. We offer demonstrations across most of the UK Free of charge. Although you can learn a lot from videos on the web, seeing one in action and having a feel on how they work, makes sure we can offer the correct equipment for the jobs you are looking at doing. A demo takes you through the operation of the equipment and seeing it working on a set of steps. Areas that requires a ferry will involve a charge for the demo.

Q.    Will the stairclimber fit in my car boot?
A.     It depends which model you choose - most of our stairclimbers are of a size which fit into the average sized car.  We do have a stairclimber which, although is tall to take the load,  reduces down to a metre in size and will fit comfortably in almost all cars or confined spaces in the work/home environment.  Please telephone for guidance. We use small vans and virtually all of the climbers fit easily.

Q.     I want to use it in a building with carpets - will this work on different floor surfaces?
A.     Yes - our stairclimbers work on all floor surfaces. The pneumatic tyres on the SAL are very soft on floor surfaces. If you are looking to move very heavy items you do have to be aware of that weight on the surface you are moving them on. In such cases it may be advisable to lay boards to protect various flooring.

Q.     I cannot bend easily - will I still be able to use it?
A.     Yes - you do not need to bend a lot to use these, if you are able to use a sack truck and can balance and support the load on the flat, you should be able to use a stairclimber.

Q.     How do I load the items onto the unit?
A.     Load the items as you would with any ordinary sack-barrow, ensuring to secure it with the straps supplied. Some loads may require more than one strap. The climbers are built to allow multiple fixing points.

Q.     Would I need to have someone with me to handle the goods?
A.     Not necessarily - in almost all cases these are a single operator piece of equipment. As with all moving of loads a risk assessment should be carried out to confirm this. If the load is large it can be wise to have a second person to guide if you are unsighted. If you are unsure on moving a load you would need to do a risk assesment.

Q.     I want to move a freezer in my home, do I have to have the motor on as well on flat ground?
A.     You can use the stairclimber as a sack barrow for moving the freezer on flat surfaces, the motor is only used when manoeuvring it up/down steps or stairs, it does not power the wheels only the lifting arm.

Q.     If it goes wrong who do I contact for repairs?
A.     Telephone us and we will arrange collection and repairs at our local service centre. Please be advised some repairs if caused by damage may not be covered under the warranty. The stairclimber comes with a 1 year warranty and 6 months on the battery.

Q.     I may want an attachment in the future - is it easy to adapt my stairclimber model?
A.     Depending on your stairclimber other toeplates and accessories are available including keg hooks, dolly wheels, bottle carriers, gas cylinders holders, window frames holder etc - telephone us with your requirments and we can then advise of cost for your specialist need.

Q.     What training do you offer?
A.     We can supply certified training for a maximum of 6 people at a cost of £350.00 + VAT.  We can either supply training on site or at your site.  If you wish to have refresher training after a period of time then we can supply this also at the same cost. Training takes you through the features, techniques in lifting and Health & Safety for you chosen stairclimber.

Q.     How long do the batteries last?
A.     This depends on stairclimber and load.  For example a fully charged battery for the A14 HD  lasts for approximately 100+ steps with a full load (330kg). The SAL with a part load can climb for several hundred steps, the SAL also uses less battery power on decent than the HD or MTK.

Q.     How do I re-charge the batteries?
A.     The batteries can be charged by plugging the battery into a special charger which can then be plugged into the mains electricity at your premises. The batteru can be removed from the climber making it easy to charge anywhere.

Q.   The Website is showing RRP prices crossed out, what are these?
A.   The RRP is the manufacturers Recommended Retail Price, we show what these are and pass on a saving with our quoted price. The RRP prices would also need the delivery charge added to them to get a true detail of the saving.

Q.     What maintenance do I have to carry out or do I send it back to you for a service?
A.     As a load carrying equipment it will be subjet to a LOLA testing as if it were a fork lift / tail lift.   We offer servicing at your premises, this comes direct through the manufacturer.

Q.     What benefits do you think I would have if I bought a stairclimber?
A.      A Stairclimber provides a health and safety solution for your staff and gives you the advantage of moving normal and much heavier loads with ease up/down stairs which a single person would ordinarily not be able to achieve.

Q.     How long does it take the MTK battery to charge from flat?
A.     It takes roughly about 3 hours from flat to full charge

Q.    Can brakes be fitted to the MTK 190?
A.    Yes, but it can be more cost effective to go straight for the MTK310B that has brakes included and provides the extra lifting capacity, although if you want the extra speed it may be worth staying with the 190 model if all your loads are below 190Kg.

Q.    How much do they weigh?
A.     This does depend on the model, the lightest is the SAL at about 20Kg with the battery attached. The HD is about 40kg and is a lot heavier as it designed to take several times the weight some of the SAL model can. 

Q.   Does it have some kind of fork lifting device
A.   Yes the SAL now have a lifting fork / platform attachment, this can be used to lift up to 120kg off the ground and is great for loading a vehicle or stacking a load within a small warehouse. The lifting platform add about 12-15kg to the overall weight of the climber. This device is available as an option can could be fitted to an existing SAL FOLD-L or UNI

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