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Move loads easily and safely with a powered stairclimber - Stairwalker products and training for up to 330kg


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Benefits of a Powered Stairclimber sack truck / trolly 

  • Climb stairs with loads safely up to 330kg (HD)
  • Works smoothly as a standard sack barrow on the ground
  • One person operation at a touch of a button
  • Folds up to approx 1M and fits into a car boot (SAL Fold)
  • Unit only weighs 16kg (SAL Stairclimber without Battery)
  • Comes complete with braking system (HD / MTK 310B)
  • Fast and simple to learn to use (Training available)
  • Runs on own 24V rechargeable battery
  • Multiple handle types available for different loads (SAL / HD)
  • Optional toeplates sizes to support different jobs
  • Multiple accessories including dolly wheels and protective wings
  • Puncture proof tyres available on all models (standard on HD)
  • Free UK mainland demo can be arranged click here

SAL Powered Stairclimber

SAL Powered Stairclimber
This lightweight aluminium built powered stairclimber is ideal for office environments,

Models with lifting capacity from 110kg up to 170kg

Weighs only 20kg including battery. 2 speed operation
Leave on charge, ready to use when you need it

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MTK Powered Stairclimber

MTK Powered Stairclimber
This steel built climber is best described as a general purpose machine and capable of lifting up to 310kg, 190kg model is also available

Pneumatic tyres are supplied as standard, the 310B model comes with it's own braking system

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HD Powered Stairclimber

HD Powered Stairclimber
Based on a modular aluminium construction this heavy duty stair climber is capable of lifting up to 330kg

This unit has a stepedge braking mechanismn and comes with puncture proof tyres as standard, for those big and heavy jobs. 

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Welcome to A14 Stairclimbers, we supply powered stairclimber sack barrows.

A powered stair climber provides the perfect solution to lifting heavy and difficult loads up and down stairs. Our site is dedicated to stairclimbing and stair walker solutions relating to the SANO Liftkar stairclimber range.

These devices appear under various different names across the internet, whether they are called stairwalkers, barrows, trucks or a trolly, they are basically a powered stair climber sack barrow that has a lifting motor built in to the unit. This enables loads up to 330 kg (HD model) to be lifted up virtually any type of staircase and steps by one person. Batteries are charged with a charger that fits to any standard electric point.

Click on the equipment to find how a powered stair climber can aid you and your business. Lift goods up and down stairs the right way with a stairclimber from A14 Stairclimbers.
We can also provide Manual Handling Training and Health & Safety audits, visit our training site for more information

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All our stair walker trucks are battery powered and can be operated by one person.

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